Dr. Miguel Guerra

Miguel Guerra.jpg

Dr. Miguel Guerra first graduated as a dentist in 2004 from the Universidad Autonóma de San Luis Potosi in Central Mexico. He followed that success with a position in the Surgery Department of the same university, performing dental surgical procedures, such as wisdom teeth extractions and the installation of dental implants. He then rounded out his training with additional studies, graduating from the International Dental Program of La Salle University in Guanajuato, Mexico.

A fluent speaker in both English and his native Spanish, Dr. Guerra started his career in medicine as a paramedic. After five years with this field, he realized that he was good with his hands and wanted to expand his medical work by becoming a dentist. His initial work with dental implants has proven to be his favorite form of treatment throughout the years. “Dental implants are one of the procedures in dentistry where we are giving back a tooth, whereas we are usually taking teeth out.”

Dr. Guerra enjoys working with a solid, reliable and efficient group of people and he believes that the staff at the Sacramento Dentistry Group meets this goal. At home, he and his wife have both a young daughter and son, in addition to a rambunctious Australian Cattle dog. Time off includes recreation with his family and seeking out new places to eat amongst the city’s diverse collection of restaurants. Next time you visit our downtown office, share with him your favorite Sacramento eatery!

“I firmly believe that good communication with my patients is the best way I can help them maintain or improve their oral health. I’ve found that in dentistry there’s rarely just one way of doing things; if we’re able to listen closely to the patient’s needs, we will find a treatment that works best for their health and budget.” — Dr. Miguel Guerra