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NightLase® Snoring Treatment - A Quality Night's Sleep

Fotona’s NightLase® therapy is a non-invasive, patient-friendly laser treatment for increasing the quality of a patient’s sleep.


NightLase reduces the effects and e amplitude of snoring by means of a gentle, laser-induced tightening effect caused by the contraction of collagen in the oral mucosa tissue.

Simple, Safe and Effective

  • Non-invasive

  • Increases the quality of a patient’s sleep

  • Extremely easy for any doctor or dentist to perform

  • Lessen the effects of snoring 

  • Safe and patient-friendly treatment

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What Causes Snoring?

Snoring occurs when air is not able to move freely through your nose and mouth during sleep. This is due to a narrowing of your airway, which causes the tissues to vibrate and make an audible sound. In extreme cases the airway can become blocked which is known as obstructive sleep apnea. Many factors can contribe to snoring such as age, nasal and sinus problems, being overweight, alcohol, smoking, medications, and sleep posture. 

What Is The Impact of Snoring?

Snoring has a number of consequences that can impact the life of a snorer and his/her sleep partner. Sleep deprivation as a result of snoring has a negative impact on health and quality of life. Snorers can experience tiredness, morning headaches, irritability, dry mouth, and relationship difficulties. Studies have also shown a link between snoring and an increased risk of hear attack and stroke.  

What are the treatment options? 

Most treatments for snoring attempt to keep the breathing passage open. Specially made dental appliances can be effective, but rely on daily compliance. Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) systems are often used to help control sleep apnea and the snoring associated with it, however these devices can be very uncomfortable. There are surgical options available for correcting snoring which usally involve removal of tissue from the uvula and pharynx but these surgeries are invasive and can result in a lengthy and uncomfortable recovery period following the surgery. 

What is NightLase®?

Nightlase is a leading-edge laser procedure for the treatment of snoring, offered exclusively with Fotona lasers. It is a non-invasive, no appliances, simple and an effective way of reducing or eliminating snoring. 

How does NightLase® work?

laser energy is used to heat the tissues of the airway causing a tightening effect which helps to keep your airway open. NightLase is performed with approximately three short treatments spaced over two months. Each treatment lasts 15 minutes and requires no anesthesia. The procedure is comfortable and you can resume your daily routine immediately afterwards. Results are often seen after the first session. 

TwinLight™ Periodontal Treatment

"Over 75% of the U.S. adult population suffers from mild to severe periodontal disease!"

Periodontal disease, also known as gum disease, is a set of inflammatory conditions affecting the tissues surrounding the teeth. In its early stage, called gingivitis, the gums become swollen, red, and may bleed. In its more serious form, called periodontitis, the gums can pull away from the tooth, bone can be lost, and the teeth may loosen or fall out. Bad breath may also occur.

Periodontal disease is generally due to bacteria in the mouth infecting the tissue around the teeth. Factors that increase the risk of disease include smoking, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, family history, and certain medications. Diagnosis is by inspecting the gum tissue around the teeth both visually and with a probe and X-rays looking for bone loss around the teeth.

Dental lasers are playing an increasingly important role in periodontology, providing fast, simple and highly effective treatments for procedures such as closed curettage, gingivoplasty, gum pigmentation removal, crown lengthening, and more. 

Conventional methods for treating periodontal disease involve cutting with a blade, aggressive scaling/root planing, and suturing, all of which may result in longer healing time and pain after the surgery. 

Twinlight laser treatment of periodontal disease, on the other hand, is a much less invasive procedure resulting in quicker recovery time, effective laser bacterial kill, no bleeding after the surgery, and less post-surgery pain. 


Looking for a more effective endodontic treatment?


Enhanced cleaning by technology

• Shock Wave Enhanced Emission Photoacoustic Streaming

• Improved debridement and disinfection

• Minimally invasive

• Faster, safer and more effective

• More patient friendly

Laser Endodontics - Laser Assisted Irrigation improves the success of endodontic therapy even with complex root structures. It improves the cleaning and decontamination of root canals for safer, shorter, and fewer treatments.

What is SWEEPS®?

SWEEPS® (Shock Wave Enhanced Emission Photoacoustic Streaming) is a revolutionary method for cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system. Utilizing the power of the LightwalkerTM laser, doctors create powerful, deeply penetrating shockwaves within the patients tooth, reaching areas that traditional methods can sometime miss. SWEEPS® promises to represent an entirely new way of thinking about root-canal therapy. With SWEEPS®, patients receive faster, safer and more effective root-canal treatments.

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