Oral Hygiene

Good oral hygiene takes place at school, work and home. It is quite literally the first defensive line against bacteria and tooth decay. With oral hygiene, your regularly scheduled dental visits are little more than exams and routine teeth cleanings. Without oral hygiene, the passing of six months can lead to painful complications and a host of required therapies.

Dentistry is an unusual profession, as dental professionals teach customers to follow habits that eliminate the need for expensive treatments. With appropriate brushing, flossing and dental hygiene, you limit your visits to twice a year. Without consistent hygiene, our Sacramento dentists believe that you will need to see them more often! Skip your oral hygiene or avoid our dentists completely and horrible oral pain will finally push you to the Sacramento Dentistry Group. Pass up this unhappy situation and keep your visits pleasant by using the advice you uncover in this section of the Sacramento Dentistry Group website.