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Orthodontics Makes Healthy Smiles

Orthodontics are about more than “looking good.” Straight teeth that meet properly between the upper and lower jaw provide the following benefits:

  • Easier cleaning, providing better dental health

  • Better bite and chewing, which leads to a healthier jaw

  • Greater confidence from an attractive smile.

There are now multiple options in orthodontics, including Invisalign, and orthodontic acceleration for all methods of smile repair via Propel. Propel technology significantly reduces the time required to fix your teeth. Visit this section of the Sacramento Dentistry Group website for more information about this and all orthodontic procedures performed by our dentists.


Wisdom Teeth

Onlay Grafts

Impacted Canines

Oral Disease

Post Operative Care

Six Month Smiles


Six Month Smiles is the quick cosmetic solution to crooked, twisted and gapped teeth. Using clear or tooth-colored braces, Six Month Smiles has the invisibility of aligners, but about a third of the cost. While Six Month Smiles cannot be temporarily removed, as is the case with Invisalign, it solves problems that aligners cannot and usually provides speedier results.


Even Faster with Propel

Using a new technique called Propel, our Sacramento dentists can tackle smile challenges in six months that used to take nine months or a year. Propel creates tiny perforations in your jawbone. These microholes are rapidly repaired by the body, and this process stimulates faster movement of the teeth along the jawline. With Propel, your “Six Month Smiles” procedure may actually become a “Three Month Smiles” treatment.

Orthodontics with a Specific Purpose

While Six Month Smiles uses time-tested orthodontic techniques, its focus is on short-term cosmetic results. Therefore, the purpose of your treatment is to achieve the perfect smile, not the perfect bite. Certainly, you will see orthodontic benefits from straighter teeth, but the primary focus is on the teeth that affect your appearance. This is why the Six Month Smile system is faster and less expensive when compared to full orthodontic treatments.

Learn more about the Six Month Smiles procedure here on our website or through a free consultation with the dental experts at one of our Sacramento Dentistry offices. Find out why improving your smile with Six Month Smiles betters your confidence and your lifestyle!


Compared With Veneers

Veneers are a cosmetic solution to problems with the appearance of your teeth. They do not cure problems caused by the underlying structure of your jaw or the position of your teeth. By following proper orthodontic procedures, many cosmetic and health problems involving the teeth, gums and jaws can be solved permanently. The Sacramento Dentistry Group offers both of these procedures.

While veneers are long lasting, they do need to be replaced every so often. For traditional veneers, the teeth need to be permanently reshaped. While the teeth look “perfect,” the patient is relying on dental appliances that require changes in eating and drinking habits to maintain their beauty. With orthodontics, you are left with your own teeth, but with your health and appearance improved.

To summarize, veneers can be relatively quickly applied to deal with cosmetic problems of the teeth. They are not a permanent solution, requiring replacement every five to twenty years, depending on quality of materials and patient habits. Orthodontic procedures solve both cosmetic and health problems with the teeth. Orthodontics require more time to work, but the solution they provide is permanent.

Your Sacramento dentists are prepared to answer all of your questions regarding procedures, costs and benefits of veneers versus orthodontics. Arrange a personal consultation with the Sacramento Dentistry Group today to discuss your specific needs.


Propel — Orthodontics in Half the Time!

Propel is a brand new orthodontics procedure that can reduce the time you need to wear orthodontics by more than 50%. This treatment uses microosteoperforations to accelerate tooth movement and bone regrowth. In the words of one Propel patient, “the sooner I can get the braces off, the better!” With this procedure, the Sacramento Dentistry Group can promise just that — faster orthodontics.

How Propel Works

First your Sacramento dentist uses your orthodontic x-rays to determine the size of the existing gaps between your teeth. These areas of jawbone are the sites for the microosteoperforations. Then we feel the bone beneath your gums to physically confirm the information seen in the x-rays. After administering a local anesthetic to eliminate any chance of pain, the dentist uses the Propel device to make a tiny, pre-measured hole through your gum into the underlying bone. On either side of every tooth to be moved by your orthodontic procedure, we make one to three holes, based on the bone available. Any bleeding is minor and generally stops before you leave the dental office.


The Propel treatment then accelerates your orthodontic treatment by two means.

  1. The bone is now more pliable on either side of the tooth, making it easier for the tooth to move into the desired position with the orthodontics.

  2. The body responds to the tiny perforations by increasing blood flow. This stimulates bone regrowth in the space left behind as the tooth moves to its desired position, quickly restoring jawbone strength.

Treatment may be performed a single time or can be repeated every six to eight weeks. In the words of Dr. Cristina Teixeira of New York University, “by using this method we are amplifying the patient’s response to orthodontic forces.” As shown by clinical studies, these microperforations double the rate of tooth movement. Again from Dr. Teixeira, “we could reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment more than 60% with this minor procedure.”


Who Can Use Propel?

Everyone with orthodontics can use Propel! If you are old enough for orthodontic treatment, you are old enough for Propel. Microperforations also work with any type of orthodontic system. Patients with braces, Invisalign, Six Month Smiles and any other type of orthodontics who want to speed up treatment times can ask for the Propel process.


Ask for Propel

Safe, efficient and a very comfortable way to accelerate orthodontic tooth movement.” — Dr. Cristina Teixeira, NYU

If you are receiving orthodontic treatment with the Sacramento Dentistry Group or even from another dental provider, feel free to contact us for more information about Propel. No matter what orthodontic system you are using, Propel may be able to save you time and money by reducing visits, treatment length and the months you spend with your braces! Call us at 916-538-6900, visit our office in downtown Sacramento at 1105 E Street or use our website to make your appointment for a Propel consultation!


Do I Have to Wear a Retainer?

The dental retainer is appropriately named, because it “retains” the marvelous changes you make to your smile and your bite during an orthodontic procedure. Retainers are especially important immediately after your procedure is finished because the bone surrounding your teeth has not quite “solidified” your new dentition. So while the retainer does not create any new movement of teeth, it does keep teeth from slipping back to old positions or into new, undesired locations.

How Long Will I Wear a Retainer?

Every orthodontic patient is different from the next. Therefore, the number of hours you need to wear a retainer each day, and for how long a period of time, depends on the treatment you received and the nature of your mouth. Patients might wear a retainer for only a few nights a week, every night or perhaps even during periods of the daytime. The important thing is to wear the retainer regularly, according to your Sacramento dentist’s prescription.

Types of Retainer

The following is a list of common types of retainers. Your retainer may need to incorporate more than one retention system to preserve your new smile


Vivera Retainers

The Vivera is a very popular retainer manufactured by Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign. Like Invisalign, Vivera is made of comfortable, clear plastic. It is easily attached and removed from the teeth and is ideal if we ask you to wear a retainer during the daytime. Even if you did not use Invisalign for your orthodontic procedure, we still recommend the Vivera retainer for the following reasons:

  • It’s stronger than other clear plastic retainers.

  • A Vivera purchase provides four retainers, not just one!

  • Vivera is produced from a digital scan, not a plaster impression.

  • Vivera works with other retainer systems.

  • Vivera can include false teeth for implant or other replacement procedures.

If you were an Invisalign patient, your Vivera retainer is based on your last set of aligners.

Lingual Wire

The lingual wire is simply a wire bonded to the back of your upper or lower front teeth. (Lingual means the side of your teeth facing the tongue.) The advantages to lingual wires are as follows:

  • You can’t lose a lingual wire.

  • You always wear it, retaining your results permanently.

  • It cannot be seen, since it’s hidden behind your teeth.

A lingual wire does make it more difficult to floss the teeth where the wire is attached, but this is managed by using floss threaders, water flossers or interdental brushes.

Hawley Retainer

This is the traditional retainer, familiar to orthodontics patients for decades. Using an impression of your upper or lower palate, a plastic body is shaped to fit the roof of your mouth or the area above your tongue. Wires attached to the plastic secure it to the molars and another wire bar attaches in front of your teeth. While the Vivera retainer is generally preferred over this retainer, for certain patients it may be the best retention solution. Like Vivera, a Hawley retainer is removable.

Show Me The Retainer!

If you have a retainer, take good care of it and always bring it with you to your regular dental appointments. Then our dentists can check its condition, make sure it still fits and that you’re using it properly. Based on the state of your teeth, they can make adjustments, provide you a new retainer or change your retainer “prescription.” Remember that you spent a lot of time and effort to create a better smile. Your retainer is what allows you to keep that smile just the way it is!